2018 Annual Prayer and Fasting

2018 Annual Prayer and Fasting: Day 4

We invite you to join us for our 2018 Annual Prayer and Fasting program. This year’s 21-Day Prayer and Fasting program themed Supernatural Manifestation runs from 11th December to 1st January 2019 with our daily fasting running from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm daily.

You can join the program daily through our prayer line every day at 12 midnight (EST).

Prayer Line Phone Number: 6417153655
Code: 181562#

You can also submit your prayer requests, submit a testimony or Schedule a Pastoral Appointment using the respective links.

Prayer and Fasting Prayer Points for Day 4: VICTORY OVER STUBBORN PROBLEMS
  1. Any problem assigned to disgrace my destiny, wither by fire, in Jesus name.
  2. Problems assigned to destroy my destiny, be terminated in Jesus name.
  3. Every problem sponsored by witchcraft to harass me, be destroyed to the root in Jesus name.
  4. Whatsoever being used to afflict me in the hands of the enemies. wither by fire in the name of Jesus
  5. Every weapon attacking me from the camp of the enemy backfire , in the name of Jesus
  6. Every agenda of problem concerning my life, be destroyed, in Jesus name
  7. Whatsoever is it the enemies are using regularly to torment me day and night, I destroy you, in Jesus name
  8. I decree, enemy like a problem in my life, be exposed in Jesus name.
  9. I command every spiritual problem be exposed by fire, in Jesus name.
  10. I decree and declare, whatsoever is sponsored by the enemy to be coming in the midnight to afflict me, I command you receive holy ghost fire in the name of Jesus.
  11. I command that every agenda of the midnight battle concerning my life, be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
  12. I command that whatsoever it is assigned in the camp of the enemy to destroy me, I command the fire of God to destroyed you now in Jesus name.
  13. Problems pack you load ;go out of my life, in Jesus name.
  14. I command whatsoever oppressing me with problems, depart from me now in Jesus name
  15. I command the source of the problem to wither to the root, in the name of Jesus
  16. O God, arise turn my problems to my promotion in the name of Jesus
  17. I command problems that are fashioned against me since I was in womb of my mother to wither to the root and let me go in the name of Jesus
  18. O God arise and let every problem in my life, go back to the sender.in the name of Jesus
  19. I decree and declare every enchantment in my life, manifesting as a problem break and release me in the name of Jesus.
  20. I command every agenda of problem for my family, scatter in Jesus name
  21. Problem I inherited in my family depart from my life in Jesus name
  22. Any problem that is suborning attacking me day and night, I command you to go and never come back again in the name of Jesus.