Dont complain, learn to pray

Don’t complain, learn to pray

Even though the world may be complaining, it is time for us to declare:

I am not of the same caliber as they are

Even though the world may be murmuring, it is time for us to declare:

I will testify

What gives us this confidence?

It is the knowledge that we, the children of God, have an escape route, even though it seems as if the enemy is about to overcome us. Our escape route is the “rod” that God has equipped us with and that is called prayer.

With this weapon, the children of God are equipped to do exploits and extraordinary things. Prayer is mighty in the pulling down of every stronghold and attack of the enemy. The Apostle Paul states:

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God in the pulling down of strongholds. – II Corinthians 10:3, 4

Hence, when we complain, it is as if we take two very precious commodities – time and energy and invest them into something that is not productive and something that will give us a poor return on our investment. Seize upon this promise, we have a weapon that is mighty; prayer.

Instead, of complaining, use your time and energy to set up a prayer altar, a place in your house where God’s name can be glorified and you will meet with him daily. He is a God who hears prayers. (Psalm 65:2)

Prayer is the key to achieve your goal. Pray before you go to bed. It is the key to unlock every door that is closed, every door that is resistant and every door that refuses to lift up its head (Psalm 24:7) Pray and not faint (Luke 18:1)

Payer is our strength. Like oxygen, a life-sustaining and life-generating element, so is prayer to our spiritual survival. Without oxygen nothing lives or thrives. Our Lord, Jesus Christ by his example taught us about the necessity for prayer and  gave the blueprint on how to pray. Hence we must understand what it means to master the use of this weapon.  (Luke 11:1 & Romans 8: 26, 27)

Believers who understand that they endowed with power through prayer understand that they can touch heaven to touch earth.  Elijah prayed to heaven and it was sealed.  Remember that the Bible was particular in recording that Elijah was a man like any ordinary man (1st Kings 18:35, James 5:17, 18) Therefore we have the capability to shut up heaven, to pray for rain and ask  the sun stand still.

Prayer is the battle axe. A battle axe has the capability to destroy, dismantle, and break things into pieces.  For it to be effective, it must be sharp, never dull or rusted. Thus we must use prayer as that weapon which destroys and smashes all those things which afflict us – sickness, poverty, joblessness, family dysfunction, fear etc. Pray earnestly

Our obligation is to pray for:

  • The nation, community, neighborhoods
  • the Church, pastors, ministers, workers in the church, members
  • Our families – mothers, fathers, children, sisters and brothers extended members.

Remember. Prayer brings calmness.  Prayer gives us boldness. If you want to see God move on another level, pray don’t complain.

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