Taking territory in 2020 Prayer Points

Taking Territory in 2020: Day 18

As we prepare to enter the year 2020, we invite you to join us for our End of Year Prayer and Fasting Session themed Taking Territory in 2020. This thirty day program is geared towards preparing for the new year. It commences from 1st December to 30th December, 2019. Our daily prayer and fasting session will involve prayers in the Mornings and Evenings. Our fasting ends at 2:00 pm every day.

You can join the program daily through our prayer line every day at 12 midnight (EST).

Prayer Line Phone Number: 712-770-5600
Code: 181562#

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2020 Taking Territory in 2020: Day 18

Bible Reading: Mark 11

  1. Praise and Worship
  2. Blood of Jesus arise and destroy whatsoever it is as an evil mark in my life in Jesus name
  3. Let the blood of Jesus wipe away every wicked agenda concerning me and my family in Jesus name
  4. Any satanic book that my name is being written for disaster be destroyed by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name
  5. I command the fire of God to mix up with the blood of Jesus and destroy every infirmity in my family line assigned against me and my children in Jesus name
  6. By the blood of Jesus, I uproot infirmity out of my life in Jesus name
  7. O lord let your hand of miracles touch my body and heal me in Jesus name
  8. Holy ghost, manifest your deliverance power upon my life and my family in Jesus name
  9. Spirit of death and hell depart from me and my household in Jesus name
  10. Let the power of revival fall upon my body in Jesus name
  11. I release the blood of Jesus to stand between me and any disease in Jesus name
  12. Any curse of darkness in my father’s house break and release me in Jesus name
  13. I shall not die of infirmity and sickness shall not kill me in Jesus name
  14. My body hear the word of the living God receive divine repair and be made whole in Jesus name
  15. Jesus you are the yoke break, break every yoke of disease in my body in Jesus name
  16. Holy spirit release angelic surgeon to visit every part of my life in Jesus name
  17. Every witchcraft farmer planting evil seed in my body while I am asleep be paralyzed and destroyed in Jesus name
  18. I receive the touch of heaven therefore I am healed in Jesus name
  19. Sickness that I saw in this year I shall not see you in 2020 in Jesus name
  20. This coming year shall be my year of wholeness and prosperity in Jesus name

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