Change and Restoration 21 Day Prayer and Fasting Session

Change and Restoration Prayer and Fasting Session: Day 12

We invite you to join us for our Special 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Session this June. Themed Change and Restoration, this 21-day program is geared towards prayer for divine restoration and change in our lives, in the lives of those around us and in the world. The program commences from 8th June to 28th June 2020.

The daily prayer and fasting session will involve prayers in the Mornings and Evenings. Daily fasting ends at 12:00 noon every day.

You can join us for our live virtual prayer meetings for the program every day at 12 midnight (EST).

Prayer Line Phone Number: 712-770-5600
Code: 181562#

You can also join us online on Facebook and Youtube using the respective links.

We invite you to also submit your prayer requestssubmit a testimonySchedule a Pastoral Appointment or make a secure online donation using the respective links.

Change and Restoration Prayer and Fasting Session: Day 12

Praise and Worship

1.       Every bondage of sickness/disease in my life break by the blood of Jesus

2.       Any power planting evil seed into my body be paralysed in Jesus name

3.       Every pandemic programmed by satan into the air depart from my life and my family in Jesus name

4.       Every pollution in the air, you will not come into my body in Jesus name

5.       Every satanic weapon programmed into the heavens attacking mankind you will not destroy me in Jesus name

6.       Anything programmed into my body from my sleep come out by fire in Jesus name

7.       I command every material of witchcraft circulating in my blood be flushed out by the blood of Jesus name

8.       Every food of satan I consume in my dream I cough it out in Jesus name

9.       Every serpent and scorpion in my body come out of your hidden places in Jesus name

10.   I command anything planted in my body loose your power and let me go in Jesus name

11.   Whatsoever representing satan inside my body jump out by fire in Jesus name

12.   Every cage of infirmities break and release me now in Jesus name

13.   Let holy ghost and fire penetrate my blood and manifest the deliverance power over my life in Jesus name

14.   Any department of my life that needs recreation power of God, O God arise and manifest your power in Jesus name

15.   Miracle hand of God, touch my body and heal wherever I need healing in Jesus name

16.   Holyspirit of the living God, breath into my body and deliver me from the spirit of death in Jesus name.

17.   Every evil hand upon my body causing sickness and disease wither by fire in Jesus name

18.   My dead bones receive life and come alive in Jesus name

19.   O lord my father, let every organs of my body be awakened for signs and wonders in Jesus name

20.   Resurrection power of God come upon my immune system in Jesus name

21.   Every spirit of death and hell operating in any organ of my body depart in Jesus name

22.   O lord my father, destroy every pillar of infirmities in my family line in Jesus name

23.   I decree and declare that no weapon of death against my life shall prosper in Jesus name

24.   Thank the lord for answered prayers

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