Change and Restoration 21 Day Prayer and Fasting Session

Change and Restoration Prayer and Fasting Session: Day 15

We invite you to join us for our Special 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Session this June. Themed Change and Restoration, this 21-day program is geared towards prayer for divine restoration and change in our lives, in the lives of those around us and in the world. The program commences from 8th June to 28th June 2020.

The daily prayer and fasting session will involve prayers in the Mornings and Evenings. Daily fasting ends at 12:00 noon every day.

You can join us for our live virtual prayer meetings for the program every day at 12 midnight (EST).

Prayer Line Phone Number: 712-770-5600
Code: 181562#

You can also join us online on Facebook and Youtube using the respective links.

We invite you to also submit your prayer requestssubmit a testimonySchedule a Pastoral Appointment or make a secure online donation using the respective links.

Change and Restoration Prayer and Fasting Session: Day 15

Praise and Worship

1.       My destiny, receive anointing to become wonders in Jesus name

2.       O lord my father, make my destiny a mysterious wonder in Jesus name

3.       My destiny be lifted above all the contenders around you in Jesus name

4.       My destiny shall not be silenced, arise and fulfill your vision in Jesus name

5.       The expectation of the enemy for my destiny scatter by fire in Jesus name

6.       My destiny shall not be converted to failure in Jesus name

7.       My destiny no matter the battle of the enemy you will succeed and prosper in Jesus name

8.       Any power waiting to witness the fall of my destiny shall be paralyzed in Jesus name

9.       Any serpent assigned against my destiny receive holy ghost fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name

10.   Whomsoever assigned to downgrade my destiny shall be terminated in Jesus name

11.   Any area of my life that the devil is using to attack my destiny be delivered in Jesus name

12.   Every witchcraft door in my life confronting the rising of my destiny close by the blood of Jesus

13.   Any evil monitoring power monitoring my destiny receive blindness in Jesus name

14.   O God arise and let my destiny arise and shine in Jesus name

15.   The voice of darkness shall not prevail over my destiny in Jesus name

16.   Witchcraft agenda shall not overcome the destiny of my life and children in Jesus name

17.   Every witchcraft load on my destiny and my children destiny catch fire in Jesus name

18.   My destiny and my children’s destiny reject failure in Jesus name

19.   Holy ghost fire, protect my destiny from every destructive arrow in Jesus name

20.   My destiny shall not die but shall fulfill the agenda of God in Jesus name

21.   Thank the lord for answered prayers.

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